GoF – Mission Statement

Growing Our Future is a Community Garden project located at Okehampton College, Devon. The project works with artists, scientists, gardeners, global and local communities, the old, the young, individual and collective.

Growing Our Future is a project that aims to highlight the benefit of the sharing of values and skills crossing generation, class and gender.

 The roots of Growing Our Future lie in local people gaining hands-on experiences with inspiring people. Two gardens have already been createtd. They are places for discussion, forward thinking and positive action in relation to the current environmental, social and economic situations that we are faced with in today’s world.

The heart of the project is focused on developing healthy and sustainable communities long into the future. By actively being part of the project, students and community members will gain first hand experience of working with the land, people, the climate, plants, animals and food. These experiences motivate and engage people in a process of self-development and an awareness of what is possible.

 By using the diverse language of growing food, those involved will expand their understanding of the processes related to food and energy – two areas of utmost importance in our current political and environmental situations. The garden also actively contributes to creating a bio-diverse environment, creating habitats and resources for life.

Growing Our Future hopes to bring together the community of Okehampton. These interactions will demonstrate the potential in creating self-sustaining communities and provide the opportunity to experience the pleasures involved in growing food. The project promotes ideas of self-organisation, responsibility and sharing in varying contexts.
 The Community Garden also addresses the three areas of a sustainable venture: society, economy and environment. It is through these processes that people can move forward with open eyes and gain the confidence in realising their ambitions through dedication and passion.

The garden will be created using sustainable gardening techniques, including Permaculture, Agro Forestry, Community Supported Agriculture and Organic Gardening, these processes will promote ideas of living directly from the land – from spade to fork.

The garden will host a diversity of organic edible plants and fruit trees. Plants with medicinal properties, organic fertilizers and edible wild species will also be grown.

The development of Growing Our Future will provide the local community with a sense of ownership and responsibility. This link provides the opportunity to build contacts with local schools and community groups, broadening the outreach of the project. Over time, the garden will also provide an ideal location for conducting lessons and Community workshops outside of the classroom.

By stimulating the community though a creative environment a diverse and unlimited number of experiences can be realised. These experiences will broaden horizons and invite interactions that will provide opportunities for these people to grow themselves in connection with the land.

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